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  • Campaign for Labour Rights
    offers a Nike action packet with a letter you might want to fill in and send to Nike CEO Phil Knight, answers to Frequently asked questions and suggestions for event organisers.
    They also have an update of their campaign on Nike, an article about what is going on between Nike and Reebok about monitoring, an interview with Max White, the coordinator of the Justice Do It Nike campaign, about a Nike boycott, and a wonderful . . . . .
    ACTION ALERT MAILING LIST. Make this your first stop!

  • Boycott Nike
    Nike in Vietnam and the most Recent Updates on the International Campaign to boycott Nike Also features great information about about Nike in different countries; China, Vietnam, Indonesia, & child labor

  • Community Aid Abroad
    publishes a very good report called "Sweating for Nike" with a lot of information on working conditions in factories producing for Nike with an emphasis on Indonesia, and Nike's Code of Conduct and, well everything really

  • Nike's labor abuses in Vietnam
    A great source for facts

  • Just do it - Or else?,
    An article from the wonderful Multinational Monitor

  • The Just Shoppers' Guide
    provides a lot of interesting links to information on Nike. Here you can find also links to Nike fan pages.

  • Just Do It! Boycott Nike (Alberta Canada)
    gives an article on the Edmonton Campaign where a Public School Board, the City and the NHL Hockey Team; the Oilers are cosponsors of a inner city sports program sponsored by Nike. They are protesting Nike's sponsorship and asking the School Board and city Council to put pressure on Nike.

  • Clean Clothes Campaign.
    A Dutch site that also carries information about other sweat shop campaigns in the clothing industry internationally. With a special focus on Indonesia.

  • The Ethical Shopper
    A site from New Zealand specializing in ethical consumerism. This page is on Nike in particluar and includes contacts with Nike fans as well as background links on Nikes labour practices in South East Asia.

  • Sweatshop Watch
    an activist organization monitoring and fighting human rights abuses in the labor field

    Community Aid Abroad (Australia) Nike Campaign

  • Christian Aid
    Special Report on The Globe Trotting Sports Shoe

  • Global Exhange Nike Campaign Site
    San Francisco-based web site for Fair Trade featuring a number of campaigns and a unique store

  • The Official Internet Anti-Nike page
    Steven Myers takes a scathing, humorous approach to educating Gen X-ers (and yuppie scum) about Nike's abusive labor practices in the third world and its commercialization of Youth culture Don't miss the anti-nike poetry and original animated images!

  • Mike & Nike
    Rebel film-maker Michael Moore gets the truth from the horse's mouth! Check out the video clips that Nike CEO Phil Knight tried to get cut from Moore's film, The Big One!

  • Send an Email to Michael Jordan
    Imagine the impact if Michael actually took a stand against exploitation!

  • The NIKE Sucks Webring
    Proof that you're not alone!

  • Kersplebedeb Buttons, T-Shirts and Stuff
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